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Their “About Us” section explains their website this way: “Recipe Puppy is a tool for finding recipes. Is your fridge nearly empty? You can use Recipe Puppy to find recipes that don’t require a trip to the store. It can find recipes that fit your dietary requirements or combine two seemingly unrelated ingredients. Recipe Puppy makes it easy to find the recipes you actually want.”

This website also also can help answer cooking questions and find recipes if you already know what you want to make.

4 Pineapple Recipes to Bring Summer Home During Spring


  1. Stuffed Pineapple. Want to add more tropical to your pineapple? Check out this stuffed pineapple recipe that is loaded with coconut and bananas. This recipe is served warm so check it out on a rainy spring day.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

2. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice. Instead of opting for Chinese take-out check out this pineapple fried rice recipe made with carrots, peas, and cashews. “Being baked inside the pineapple imparts such a unique tropical flavor to the fried rice.”

Servings: 4-6INGREDIENTS1 cup mango1 cup pineapple2 cups Greek yogurtToppings:MangoPineappleKiwiCoconutPREPARATION1.In a blender, mix fruit until consistency is smooth. Add in yogurt and blend until fully mixed. 2.Pour mixture onto a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Add desired amount of toppings. 3.Freeze for 6 hours, or overnight, until frozen solid. 4.Break yogurt bark into desired number of pieces.5.Serve cold, or store in a closed container in the freezer. 6.Enjoy!

3. Tropical Yogurt Bark. A cool refreshing treat for those hot spring (almost summer) days. This bark is tropical with mango, coconut, and kiwi in addition to the pineapple. A simple recipe if you are willing to wait 6 hours, or overnight, for the bark to freeze.

4. Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowls. This recipe is light on the pineapple but filled with delicious and simple to make teriyaki chicken. “The best food is the kind that’s served inside other food.”

3 Meatball Recipes To Keep You Warm During Rainy Spring Days

Soy-Glazed Meatballs with Swiss Chard, Jasmine Rice & Marinated Radish

  1. Soy-Glazed Meatballs with Swiss Chard, Jasmine Rice & Marinated Radish. A great step-by-step recipe from Blue Apron (if you haven’t heard, a food delivery subscription service). “In this Chinese-inspired recipe, we’re making our meatballs with ginger and scallion, then glazing them with a delectable soy sauce. A garnish of vinegar-marinated radish completes the dish with bright flavor and delicate crunch.”

Serve on a bed of pasta.

2. Spinach Dip-Stuffed Meatballs. Combine the delicious taste of spinach dip with meatballs and spaghetti. For a leaner option substitute the ground beef and pork for ground turkey. Follow the recipe filled with photos or check out their video to make these yourself.

3. Jessica Alba’s Turkey Meatballs. Check out this three-step recipe for turkey meatballs filled with carrots, zucchini, and onion. Try them with a variety of side dishes such as their recommended Roasted Squash with Parmesan and Herbs.


4 Tassel & Pom-Pom DIYs to Brighten Up Your Home

DIY Tassel Ottoman

1. DIY Tassel Ottoman. Transform a bland ottoman into a statement piece with this simple tassel DIY. This is a great tutorial to learn how to make tassels for any project.

Tassel blanket

2. DIY Chunky Tassel Blanket. Winter is sticking around. Warm up your house with this chunky tassel blanket tutorial. Add some color or maybe just some more coziness to your sofa, bed, or anywhere else in your house with this blanket.

Summer Pom Pom Door Swag by Jessica Marquez for Design Sponge

3. DIY Pom-Pom Doorknob Garland. Add some pom-poms and tassels to your door with this easy, cheerful project that adds a big pop of color and fun.


4. Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging. Create your own wall decor with homemade tassels and pom-poms. This DIY adds a pop of color (or colors) to any blank wall. Use this tutorial if you want to learn how to make tassels or pom-poms for any project.

3 DIYs Perfect for Winter & for anyone on your Christmas List

Gift Mittens - 1

1. Sweater Mittens. Re-purpose your old sweaters to create cozy mittens for the winter. This straightforward DIY will keep you warm all season. If you are thinking of Christmas gifts, try making these mittens with an ugly Christmas sweater to ad an extra bit of holiday cheer.

Easy DIY Honey & Milk Soap

2. Milk & Honey Soap. Make this easy soap with goat’s milk in 10 minutes. It boasts a bunch of skin benefits, so it won’t be easy to give away! A great gift idea for anyone on your list.

How to make a beautiful arm knit blanket in less than an hour!

3. Arm Knit Blanket. Knit yourself a soft arm knit blanket in an hour. Follow this simple DIY video and stay warm this winter. Great for a last minute gift for anyone this Christmas!


5 Sweet Potato Recipes Perfect For Fall

Get into an autumn mood with these sweet potato recipes.

Sweet potato and black bean tacos with avocado-pepita dip -

  1. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos with Avocado-Pepita Dip. These vegetarian tacos are a great weeknight meal filled with sweet potatoes, black beans, cilantro, avocado and pepita dip.

2. Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus. Served as an appetizer or a light lunch this vegan hummus is perfect for those who love something sweet and spicy.

Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries by @sallybakeblog

3. Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Vanilla Icing Dip. A desert version of traditional sweet potato fries coated in cinnamon sugar and served with a sweet vanilla icing.

Sweet potato burrito smothered with avocado salsa verde

4. Sweet Potato Burrito Smothered in Avocado Salsa Verde. Create these burritos filled with roasted sweet potato and black beans, smothered in a simple but flavorful avocado salsa verde sauce for a Meatless Monday meal or any other day of the week.

Sweet Potato Hash with Baked Eggs...Perfect for Meatless Monday or weekend brunch. 157 calories and 4 Weight Watchers PP | #vegetarian #gluten-free

5. Sweet Potato Hash with Baked Eggs. Whip up this healthy sweet potato hash with baked eggs for breakfast or brunch.

The Future of Beekeeping — Now.

Flow is the future of beekeeping. Cedar and Stuart Anderson, who come from a long time of beekeepers, came up with the revolutionary idea after Cedar felt bad about how many bees get crush by the honey during harvest of a traditional beehive. It took the two of them over a decade to come up with the Flow system and after one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, a new way of beekeeping was born. It is, as the Flow website claims, “so much easier for the beekeeper and so much easier on the bees.”

So what’s the big deal? How does the Flow system work?

The Flow™ frame can fit into a standard langstroth super. The frame consists of honeycomb cells that are not fully formed. The bees can then fill these cells with their honey and complete the formation of the cells with their wax. When the frame is full of honey, a special tool can be inserted into the end of the frame and rotated to split the cells open. This causes the cells to turn into channels. The bees are protected from being drowned in honey and no smoke is required to protect the beekeeper. After the cells have turned into channels, the honey can then flow  out the end of the frame and straight into a jar.